There is more frustrating than having your heart set on a recipe but you’re missing one ingredient, or realizing you forgot just one thing at the grocery store. 

Many alternatives exist for forgetters or people with restrictions, so many in fact it may shock you if you were to google it.

Anything from cleaning products to baking you can find quick easy alternatives that may shock you.

“I’ve often used Coca Cola to clean my coffee pot, or even the toilet. It’s kind of gross if you think about it because we drink it, but the acidity in the pop makes for a great cleaning product.” – Sherri McGinnis stay at home mom of two messy children.

“I often use apple sauce as a vegan alternative to eggs when baking cookies, it sounds strange to most people but trust me ¼ of unsweetened apple sauce instead of one egg works amazingly.” – Mona Taylor 6 years Vegan and avid baker.


No.. Baking powder (1tsp), Substitute 1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/2 tsp cream of tartar 

No.. Bread Crumbs (1 cup), Substitute 1 cup cracker crumbs, or 1 cup ground oats

No.. Brown sugar (1 cup), Substitute 1 cup of granulated sugar + 2 tbsp of molasses

No.. Butter, salted (1 cup), Substitute 7/8 cup vegetable oil + ½ Tsp salt

Vegan Options

No.. Honey (1cup), Substitute 1 cup of maple syrup

No.. Buttermilk (1 cup), Substitute 1 cup of non-dairy milk + 2 tsp of apple cider of lemon juice

No.. Cream (1 cup), Substitute ¾ cup and 1 tbsp of soy milk + 3 tbsp of margarine.


Replace Bleach with You mix two cups of hydrogen peroxide with two teaspoons of lemon juice and water.

Replace Grease cleaner with sprinkling baking soda on the spot in need and rub off with a damp towel

Replace glass cleaner with use equal parts water and vinegar.