The EmptyCupboard magazine is one of Calgary’s best low-income cooking magazines the city has to offer. Our goal is to help people with tight budgets find ways to make delicious meals out of common leftovers found at home. The EmptyCupboard articles and recipes caters to all our readers; either it be singles eating alone, students struggling with bills, low income families, and people with limited dietary options. We offer our readers fun new ideas for recipes and alternatives to save money during the holiday seasons, and to keep their finances safe. We publish our magazine every two months, est. April 2019, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The EmptyCupboard beats their competitive rival magazines through our articles and recipes that our readers have come to trust and love, as well as our unique and related writing for that the modern young adults can relate to. Appealing to all genders and ages through the similarity love for food.

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