Our final cover has been finished for our upcoming new issue soon to be released.

Get ready for it to hit selfs and office tables all around Alberta.

Our Editor’s Notes

Hello Readers, 

I am Dawn Ilg the Publisher for The Empty Cupboard magazine located here in Calgary, Alberta.

I world like to thank everyon for their hard work in making The Empty Cupboard the number one option for low-income Albertians. 

We strive for our readers to find easy options for tight situations, even for those who have special dietary needs.

About our April Issue

I am looking forward to sharing this issue with our readers as I am an avid gardener in my own spare time. I too know the finacial problems a family can have from living with my parents as a child. After picking up gardening from my grandmother i resumed the practice into my teens, it helped with some dinners in feeding our family from spices for cooking and salads as sides. I hope to our readers that some may find garden more than a relaxing past time and help keep their home looking lively, as well as keeping those cupboards full.

We hope you all enjoy our magazine as much as we enjoyed making it.